Friday, October 24, 2008

R.I.P Char's: A Long Time Ago - A Month Ago

About a month ago, the best Thai restaurant in Tempe closed down for "restructuring". Char's is being renamed "Thai-Rama". Like every person I've spoken to, I am at a loss over the need to change an establishment that looks like a greasy barbecue from the outside but inside features prominent original posters of Communist Thai revolutionaries along with flags and horse-like cardboard statues. I don't know why the place wasn't declared a community landmark-- they do it to those Adobe sheds, right?

In protest BF and I went to a local competitor. I ordered something with peanut sauce. It came to me looking like noodles over which Mister Peanut squatted and left a big dump.

I hate this city more and more each day.