Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bob Digi, yeah you know who is he

I had a desktop computer at my parents' house. My mom used it to go shopping on the Internet. I wanted the computer back. She refused.

My younger brother gave me a broken laptop. The hard drive was fried and the computer was so slow it wasn't worth repairing.

I put a old, useless hard drive that I had lying around in the broken laptop. Then I flipped the monitor inside out, folded the laptop up, put it on a plate stand, wired a new power button to an evaporated milk can that my mom had lying around, and gave it to my mom. I hooked up a wireless keyboard and mouse and changed the wallpaper from Lucy Pinder to a pig (one of my mom's requirements). I made sure that the computer accessed the Vermont Country Store web site and I told her, "To turn it on, just press the red button on the milk can."

I took home my desktop computer.

I called after a few days to see how it is all working. She said, "Eh, it's just like the old one."