Friday, December 12, 2008

A friend of mine called today from San Francisco, where he lives now. He called to report some bad news. His dog Big Boi had mauled the guy who had been taking care of him here in Tempe. The dogsitter was nice enough not to press charges or put the dog to sleep, because he loved the dog and he felt somehow culpable for the mauling. The dog is in doggie jail with a $500 bail; the dog sitter's arms were completely fucked up, his abdomen was split in two and has staples in his ankles to hold the skin down. No, he would not press charges, but no, the dog would live there no more.

My friend asked if I would be able to take care of the Big Boi. I declined. So did all his other friends.

"That's the thing about this whole incident," he concluded, "now my dog has this stigma attached to him."