Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have no fear, Heavy D is here

I did a little dieting before running the half-marathon this past weekend, but I did a lot of eating properly.  I timed my protein, carb, and fat intakes around my running times every day and avoided junk food while still eating a ton of calories.  Good nutrition and good timing goes a long way to making a decent runner into a good runner.
So in the past two days, I've eaten every food that I've been craving but avoiding for the past month.  Yesterday I had four Crunch bars for lunch followed by chicken nuggets AND pizza for dinner.  Then I had two more Crunch bars for dessert.  Tonight, chips and dip for dinner.  Maybe brie and Triscuits for dessert.  I wonder if they make huge bags of Reese's Pieces.  My belt feels tighter already.