Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One is a genius, the other insane

Over the weekend, I washed my thirty-something pairs of underwear by hand in the bathtub. Since then, the bathtub has been superclogged. Putting two and two together I imagine there is a thong stuck somewhere in the piping.

Using ingenering ingenuity, I am approaching the problem with a two-step method. I have dumped so much Dran-o and hot water down the drain that I might be liable for damaging them. I also began an experiment to test the hypothesis, "With time, Dran-o will dissolve a thong." My test features a thong submerged in a jelly jar of Dran-o.

Since the Dran-o has neither dissolved the thong nor cleared the pipes, I am currently applying "indefinite period of time" to the problem and hope that that fixes it.