Thursday, September 18, 2008

Looking at the man in the mirror

Three or four weeks ago, at one of the cool fratboy parties that they have in our backyard, some of the guests decided to bid adieu and say goodnight upon the bicycles that belong to Boyfriend and I. I imagine this was difficult since my cruiser weighed a hundred pounds and had two flat tires. Boyfriend is too tall for most people to ride his bike. I applaud the ambition of these bikethief losers.

We confronted the fratboys about our stolen bikes and they promptly agreed to replace them. And then, when we found out where the bikethiefs live, our neighbors promised to get them back. I imagined the fratboys engineering complicated plans to resteal our bikes in the middle of the night. I imagined a lookout person and someone with a chainsaw. I imagined them valiantly returning my bike.

As the weeks pass by, I'm starting to think I was wrong about that.